Bahaya sinar gamma dan proses terjadinya

Besides the benefits above, it turns out to be light
gamma has a harmful effect on life
human. Among others :
1. Damaging satellites and the atmosphere
Gamma rays originating from space
it can damage the satellite and the atmosphere.
This happens because of very strong energy
from gamma rays. Even so, we are
can breathe freely because according to the people
this gamma burst of science is rare.
That is around ten thousand - one million years.
The last occurred in the 8th century.
2. The biggest cause of death if
nuclear war
In many nuclear weapons explosions
radioactive material that is created. However, Sinar
gama from a nuclear fallout is likely to be
causing the largest number of deaths
in the use of nuclear weapons inside
a nuclear war. A protection
effective fallouts will reduce
human being 1000 times.
Gamma rays do not ionize
from alpha or beta rays. However, reducing
danger to humans in need
thicker protection. They
produce damage similar to
caused by X-rays, such as
burning, cancer, and genetic mutations.
Gamma process occurs
Gamma rays are formed because of the process
nuclear or other subatomic like
destruction of electron-positrons. Therefore
the beam cannot be found on
any place because it can only happen
due to other nuclear and subatomic processes. Rays
this can be formed when:
1. Star explosion (Supernova)
2. The explosion of a nuclear bomb
3. Stars are sucked in by black holes
4. Gamma ray therapy
5. Energy bubbles at the center of the Milky Way galaxy
6. Radioactive material

Published on: 11/26/18, 11:31 PM