Kegunaan sinar gamma

This gamma ray has many benefits for human life. From everyday life up to industry and medicine. Benefits Gamma rays include:
   1. Kill bacteria
Gamma rays are radiation has high energy just like X-rays. Which one with high energy  can damage the cells of living things because it's not surprising if gamma rays can kill bacteria. Because that's the ray gamma can be used to:
   a. Sterilize food and drinks
   b. Sterilize doctor's equipment before doing operation.
   2. Cure tumors, cancer, and abnormalities
Gamma rays can actually be used for
kill cancer cells and tumors and
other disorders because gamma rays can
destroying these cells. This therapy
called the gamma knife.
Gamma Knife is a therapeutic method
gamma ray (radiosurgery) used
for the treatment of tumors and abnormalities
other abnormalities in the brain without opening
skull. This gamma ray radiation
used to destroy cells
sick while looking after other cells which are
still healthy.
"In operation Gamma Knife is emitted
200 radiation beams focused
to the tumor or other targets. Every
the beam of light has little impact
the brain cells it passes, however
have a large radiation dose on
target location where all the jets
the beam met, "explained Prof. Eka J.
Wahjoepramono, MD, PhD, surgeon
nerve from Siloam Hospital, Jakarta.
The accuracy of Gamma Knife's operations is almost
does not cause damage to cells
which is around the irradiation target and
in some cases only causes
slight side effects compared to ordinary radiation treatments.
   3. Other benefit Gamma rays are useful for:
    a. Knowing the metal structure
    b. know superior seeds
    c. to make radio isotopes

Published on: 11/26/18, 11:17 PM